1. This one.
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    Lucy, Y U need to disguise yourself from William Holden??? U kno ur fake nose is gon get caught on fire!!!
  2. That one.
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    Lucy, Y U workin' at a chocolate factory??? U kno u won't be able to keep up to the factory's unrealistic efficiency standards!!!
  3. This other one.
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    Lucy, Y U getting drunk on live tv??? U kno ur gon mess this up!!!
  4. Definitely this.
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    Lucy, Y U at a carnival??? U kno u could get hurt!!! Who will be Lil' Ricky's mother figure???
  5. When in Rome.
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    Lucy, Y U in Italy??? U know Ricky isn't gunna let u be in that movie!!!
  6. That one too.
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    Lucy, Y U gotta drag Ethel into your schemes??? U kno Fred is gon b pissed.
  7. The One With The Celebrities.
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    Lucy, Y U need Bob Hope to console u??? U kno he should be at a charity event in Palm Springs!!!
  8. And finally.
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    Nailed it.