1. Bob Hope Burbank Airport
  2. Terminal 1
    Southwest. With a free for all boarding process, Rashida Jones narrated commercials, and free checked bags...this place is a party, and YOU'RE invited.
  3. Terminal 3
    JetBlue (!!!!!) Virgin America (!!!!) The air is ELECTRIC here because you all know you're going to have your own personal TV with 37 channels of Direct TV. It's an exhilarating shared experience.
  4. Tom Bradley International Terminal
    YOU GOIN' ABROAD, B! Also all insanely good food choices up in here.
  5. Terminal 6
    The one @danpolis flies into, for that reason alone it's 👍🏼👍🏼
  6. Terminal 2
    Mish mosh of the smaller air carriers. You're prob going to Mexico or Canada or Hawaii. Indifferent.
  7. Terminal 4
    American Airlines. Very vanilla. Very crowded. Most likely a riot of papperazzi waiting at the baggage claim. Out of my way photogs! I got a Parking Spot shuttle to catch.
  8. Terminal 7
    United we stand. Together we fall, and most people are falling over at this terminal for United. I'll pass.
  9. Terminal 5
    I'm so so very sorry you have to fly Delta.