because I was an only child, Netflix wasn't a thing and Blockbuster wouldn't rent R rated movies to a 12 year old. (Thank you JoBlo Movie Scripts! Never change.)
  1. American Pie
    Legitimately cannot put into words how DESPERATELY I needed to see American Pie. The opening scene! The pie scene! The flute! Jennifer Coolidge! I must have read this script minimum 10 times, and it was the shooting script so a lot of the jokes and scenes that were in the script weren't in the final cut of the movie, which made the movie itself underwhelming when I actually got to see it.
  2. American Pie 2
  3. Scary Movie
  4. Scary Movie 2
  5. Road Trip
    I ironically ended up going to the college depicted in this movie
  6. Not Another Teen Movie
  7. Cruel Intentions
    Not a sex comedy, but yeah I needed to read that shit
  8. The Girl Next Door
    Ended up seeing this puppy at a buddy's house before I had a chance to read it. (Score!) Funny, but underwhelming given the concept.