Training for a half marathon next month, means long runs & a whole lot of thoughts.
  1. Hey this new Justin Bieber song isn't too bad. Great running music.
  2. I wonder if anyone from work is driving past me. Man, that would be clutch.
  3. Wait would it be clutch? I probably look oaf-ish when I run.
  4. No there's no way I look oaf-ish. I mean I'm not looking as suave as the Chariots of Fire fellas, but I'm no oaf.
  5. I hope I have the keys to my apartment.
  6. Oh looks like I accidentally put that Justin Bieber song in my Spotify™ Premium playlist twice. I don't mind hearing it again!
  7. What is a La Cienega?
  8. That definitely was an Exec from work in that Tesla that just passed. Perfecto! I have elevator convo ammunition now.
  9. Do I sweat too much?
  10. Oy, when you listen to this Bieber lyrics they are a little rapey aren't they?
  11. Dude when I get home, I'm gunna cook the hell out of some quinoa.
  12. Has LA changed me?
  13. Only 1 more mile left!
  14. Is Meg Ryan "OK" ?
  15. I wish this 'no mans land' between Ktown and Silverlake had a name.
  16. "Honey, I'm home!"
  17. I need to stop calling my roommate "honey."
  18. It's quinoa time.
    Sung to the tune of "it's t-shirt time" aka Jersey Shore.