1. The Mole
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  2. The first two seasons were hosted by this fella!
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    Anderson Cooper. Reporter. Vanderbilt. Silver Fox. Friend of @andycohen.
  3. It premiered right on the cusp of the reality show boom in 2001, with Survivor.
  4. And let's be honest guys, it's the best reality competition show of all time that doesn't get near enough recognition it deserves.
  5. The Premise - a group of people work together to complete spy themed challenges around the world.
    Successful challenges resulted in adding money to the "pot." Earning potential was maximum $1 million but due to failed missions, the pot usually ended up hovering around $300k - $500k. Challenges included, and were not limited to, crazy scavenger hunts in the streets of Argentina, waterfall bungee jumping, and 'room escape' games (which are insanely popular now).
  6. The Caveat - one of the players was a "Mole" working for the producers to secretly sabotage the challenges.
    Failed missions = no money added to the pot. The mole was reportedly "paid" by the producers to do so.
  7. The Elimination - at the end of every week, players would have to take a detailed 10 question test about the identity of The Mole and his/her involvement in the weeks activities.
    The lowest score would be sent home. If there was a tie for lowest score, then the person who finished in the slowest time is booted. Because the test is about The Mole, whoever it is will always score a 100% on it. Things would get interesting here because now non-Mole people have motive to do 'Mole-like' behavior to put suspicion on them in order to throw off other players and give them better odds on the test.
  8. The Winning - Once it got down to top 3, there would be a final challenge and a final comprehensive, season long test.
    Whichever of the two 'non-Mole' players got the highest score on the comprehensive test wins however much money was amassed in the pot. Then a montage will be shown to show how The Mole sabotaged all the challenges over the course of the season.
  9. Lasted a total of 5 seasons.
    A Coop hosted the first two in 2001 and 2002, and was an absolute BOSS.
  10. Seasons 3 (2003) & Season 4 (2004) were Celebrity Mole.
    Celebrities featured were the likes of Kathy Griffin, Erik Von Detton, Dennis Rodman, and more. AKA Televison GOLD. (Also featured Growing Pains star Tracey Gold).
  11. It was brought back for a season 5 reboot in 2008, but didn't meet rating expectations.
    A travesty which I blame the 2008 housing crisis for.
  12. But seriously team, this show was amazing and some of the best competition reality TV out there.
  13. Someone has the episodes up on YouTube if you're interested in watching.
    I rewatched all 5 seasons embarrassingly recently.
  14. I'm gunning for a Season 6 reboot someday (along with Anderson Cooper's triumphant return).
    Dream. Believe. Achieve.