1. What do u mean...there's no queso here?
  2. What do u mean...there's only mango salsa?
  3. What do u mean...I don't have the option between flour and corn tortillas?
  4. What do u mean...we're out of guacamole?
    Who's we?
  5. What do u mean...the sour cream has expired?
  6. What do u mean...our only beer option is Dos Equis?
    Where's the Modelo I brought?
  7. What do u mean...Carol didn't bring nachos?
    I thought this was a potluck. It's what she signed up for.
  8. What do u mean...she didn't bring something else as a replacement?
  9. What do u mean...Carol is going through a 'rough patch' right now?
    Apparently not rough enough to come to this party. How hard is it to swing by a grocery store to pick up some chips and REGULAR TOMATO BASED SALSA?
  10. What do u mean...Carol just gets to get by scotch-free and partake in this food we ALL contributed?
  11. What do u mean...it actually IS bull shit, Anthony. It's not fair. It's not right.
  12. What do u mean...I need to leave??
  13. Fine, but I'm taking the Tositdos Scoops™ with me.