A collaboration with @danpolis
  1. US Men's Water Polo Team
  2. Croatian rowing team
  3. Any and all gymnasts
    You must be able to prove your age. I'm looking at you, China.
  4. Kerri Walsh and Misty May Treanor
  5. Tara Lapinski
    Summer or winter, she's always welcome in my home.
  6. Missy Franklin
  7. Ryan Lochte
    As long as he doesn't talk
  8. Bob Costas' personal assistant
  9. Tom Daley, only
    Sorry rest of UK diving team, there's a Best Western around the corner from my apartment.
  10. Adam Girgenti (we can do a repeat of our 2010 opening ceremony celebration).
    Suggested by @girgentiam
  11. Johnny Weir, purely for commentary
    Camille (his Swan puppet from that fucking routine) = not invited
    Suggested by @dave