1. Five years too late?
    Hey team, if you really wanted to make this happen, you should've added this feature when Facebook was the pinnacle of all social media and status updates were forced to be "TJ Slipko is..."
  2. Another button to accidentally hit when you stalkin'
    Way to add more mines to the mine field, Zuck.
  3. Too much negativity
    Look at the comment sections of any YouTube video, any article, etc. There's so much hate, cyber-bullying, and negativity. Why offer another outlet to perpetuate it?
  4. Seriously what good can come out of this??
    Yeah I'm sure it would've been great 'that one time' to ironically or jokingly dislike your best buds post about his favorite football team or your gal pal's picture of her ugly Chaweenie dog...but think in the grand scheme of things, what does a dislike button promote?