I deleted my li.st account back in June. It felt necessary at the time but I've found myself missing it more and more. So I'm back. I'll never delete again because I didn't realize deleting is a REAL delete. Like everything is gone forever. 😕 I lost all my friends and lists. Time to rebuild! Here is what I missed most about this community:
  1. The humor
    Real life stories, anecdotes, gifs, jokes, etc. Some of the funniest people in the world use this app.
  2. The love
    Li.st users care about each other and this community. I've seen so much love and support given to others by fellow listers since I first joined. I've missed being a teeny tiny part of that.
  3. The photography
    Whether it is personal photos or professional ones copied li.st is always a gorgeous place to look around and see the world through the eyes of others.
  4. Fellow educators
    I love following other teachers. I hope I can find all the ones I used to have on here. Teacher humor and war stories are always a welcome sight when I open this app.
  5. Fellow nerds
    Lots of fellow Star Wars and Marvel fans up in here
  6. Fellow sports fans
    Even if we don't cheer for the same teams there is positivity and good-natured ribbing between sports fans on here. No venom-spewing or hating like you find on Twitter or Instagram.
  7. Fellow Trump non-supporters
    I dislike the label "liberal" (and conservative for that matter) and never align myself with a political party but I like that a majority of this community agrees with the notion that our President is a terrible human being.
  8. She's my favorite lister and I missed her lists. 😃