Summer of '17

My summer vacation officially ends tomorrow as I head back to school on Thursday. Highlights of the last six weeks have included a two week trip to California and a weekend visit to the Philadelphia area for my cousin's wedding. This is my photographic farewell to the summer of 2017.
  1. Muir Woods
    Probably my favorite place of our Cali trip. Beautiful redwoods and hiking.
  2. A seldom photographed bridge in San Fran
  3. Here it is again!
  4. And again!!
  5. Bay Bridge
    We had an amazing dinner one night practically underneath it.
  6. Lands End Lookout, San Fran
  7. Monterey Bay Aquarium
    My 2nd favorite place we visited. The sea otters and seals were adorable.
  8. Pebble Beach Golf Club, 18th green
  9. Carmel
    Definitely my favorite pic of the trip.
  10. Quick stop at some street in Beverly Hills
    We ate at a really fancy restaurant called Cheesecake Factory
  11. Wizarding World of Harry Potter!
    My 3rd favorite place on the trip 🤓
  12. Santa Monica
  13. No caption needed
  14. San Diego
    The Germans named it this in 1904. San Diego means "a whale's vagina" in German.
  15. Valley Forge
  16. The OG