I finally completed my season 2 watch of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Its joke writing is top notch - and this list showcases just one joke per episode, not necessarily my favorite. (For example, I couldn't grab the best images of the robot, one of the better running gags of the series.)
  1. I wish there would have been more "Kimmy and Dong discuss the Kardashians" jokes, but maybe this was too perfect to ever have more.
  2. Kimmy's résumé was printed on a dot matrix printer! The non torn borders is a great gift for viewers on the wrong side of 30.
  3. Always count on UKS for great word play.
  4. This picture represents the theme song Kimmy sung in the public library.
  5. The "diet water" narrowly beat out the small empty box that stored a "grand piano."
  7. The show won't throw away an establishing shot, it's a new joke opportunity.
  8. The entire Dawson's Creek sex breakdown was another chunk I feel was directly written for my age group.
  9. I was cracking up at all the song parodies, but I loved the Sugar Ray punch that was buried in this episode.
  10. Great callback to the personality killing drug. Of course the psychiatrist had swag for it.
  11. Often times the show would end an episode with a perfect tag.
  12. Again. Never passes up an opportunity for a joke. Why don't other shows try this hard?
  13. I want that shirt.
  14. *Bonus: my favorite visual gag of the season*
    A box full of "Own the Skins with Jeremy Piven" drumming instructional DVDs poured into the FREE bin at a thrift store.