This is my submission for my first round matchup versus @lizabeth in @aus10 's tournament: THE LIST APP MARCH MADNESS CONTEST
  1. Here is my "makeout mixtape" which I have made public for all on Spotify:
  2. Paracosm by Washed Out (full album)
    I really enjoy the chill wave sound of Washed Out. It's calming for me. At this point the mixtape is more to calm my anxiety and awkwardness.
  3. Awake by Tycho (full album)
    Energy picks up a little more thanks to Tycho. Also may be the least known artist on the mix, which - who knows - may open a special someone's mind? Something like, what is this new sound? What other pleasurable opportunities await for my other senses? [[[ We can all agree that I'm over-thinking this to an incredible degree, but this is who I am and I thank you for accepting me. ]]]
  4. xx by The xx (full album)
    If I get married, I don't expect that I'll be able to pick the song that plays as my about to be future wife walks down the aisle. But, in this List fantasy I can and I would pick the opening track "Intro" off this album for it. Don't sleep on this album's subliminal dance beats and cadence - it's in this spot because it's flexible to be used as a gear shift in either direction.
  5. The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place by Explosions in the Sky (full album)
    To others, this album is an amazing instrumental tapestry that will glide one through the best of experiences. (For me, it's a sound that is able to both focus, motivate, inspire, and drive. Is it because it's also a frequent source for music used in the TV show Friday Night Lights and I'm never one to turn down a pep talk from Coach Taylor? No, it's not and that's insane why would anybody think that?)
  6. Woman by Rhye (full album)
    This is a very sensual album. No joke here. It is on.
  7. Country Sleep by Night Beds (full album)
    If that special someone and I just got through the entire Rhye album, we may need a little mellow down break.
  8. Adventures In Your Own Backyard by Patrick Watson (full album)
    One of my favorite albums and, like The xx album, is not a high intensity sound, but has quicker underlying rhythms that can also make it adaptable.
  9. Fin by John Talabot (full album)
    Fitting album title to close out the makeout mixtape. A down key dance album that is a good upbeat sound to start any day!
  10. ❤️
    You may have noticed that I have full album after full album here. Maybe you would prefer putting it on shuffle, but here's my confession: I use the full album structure so I have an idea of what time it is throughout the night. Again, this is a very unsexy level of runaway compounding thought getting the best of me. And the fact this mixtape exists (and to a greater extent - this explanation) points to a very real possibility that I'm a sociopath. Go subscribe and enjoy: thanks for reading!