1. What if I bought a disco ball?
    Guaranteed fun.
  2. Who do I hire to install a disco ball?
    Google to the rescue.
  3. Would I have to start hosting parties every night?
    Can't let it go to waste, or go unused.
  4. How big would it have to be?
    Nothing is sadder than a small disco ball.
  5. Would I have to start using cocaine?
    I don't want to start using cocaine.
  6. Can I get away with just one strobe light?
    The important partner in a successful disco ball effect.
  7. Do I own enough silver colored clothes?
    I assume owners of disco balls exclusively wear silver reflective suits.
  8. On what date should I tell a woman that I own a disco ball?
    Probably on the third date.
  9. How much do disco ball motors cost?
    On second thought, the only thing sadder than a small disco ball is a motionless disco ball.
  10. What if I told you I had a disco ball over my waterbed?
    The perfect marriage! See also: WATERBED THINGS