For optimal List experience, please listen to CRJ's excellent 2015 album "Emotion" while reading https://open.spotify.com/album/6UjZgFbK6CQptu8aOobzPV
  1. Run Away With Me
    I sincerely like this album, a lot. When it was announced she was performing on a Saturday night in Chicago, I knew it would be a run away sellout. And it did within hours, but not before I bought 4 tickets. I had every intention of going, until she was added to the 2016 Pitchfork Music Festival, which is a much better venue for a person of my... vintage. (I'd rather dance among aging millennials than teens and cool dads)
  2. Emotion
    So it was sad to sell them, and it was crazy... But I'm not turning a "maybe" to a no... Just to a later.
  3. I Really Like You
    The original CL post asked for $140 for all four tickets. I had multiple people asking to buy a single ticket for $140 (that's how in demand these are). But I spilt them up for two buyers and sold them for $40 a piece. I could've gotten more than double, so I think the buyers really like me.
  4. Gimme Love
    Gimme $40 per ticket.
  5. All That
    CRJ is truly all that. Ya know she is singing the theme for Fuller House, right?
  6. Boy Problems
    Buyer 1 was kinda clueless as he thought I was going to wait outside a bar in the snow. I had to wave him inside. I told this story to Buyer 2 by describing that he was having "boy problems" which made my friend blurt laugh. Buyer 2 didn't respond to my joke (when my jokes miss, that's *this* boy's problem).
  7. Making The Most Of The Night
    The original buyer, who was going to take all four - had to back out today. It created a mess trying to find new buyers. But it was a distraction I very much needed today and I was able to successfully complete another Craigslist mission.
  8. Your Type
    The bartender was shocked that I liked CRJ. She didn't think it was my type. I'm proud that I'm comfortable enough to admit I enjoy pop music.
  9. Let's Get Lost
    So I have an empty spot in my concert calendar now. Feels hollow.
  10. LA Hallucinations
    *nope! Too real tonight!*
  11. Warm Blood
    I may have downloaded a swipe app and I may have been swiping while I waited for the buyer rendezvous.
  12. When I Need You
    I needed to get rid of these tickets tonight and I was happy that both buyers were punctual.
  13. Black Heart
    My friend, who was going to join me at CRJ (but is also going to #p4kfest) thankfully accepted my request to join me tonight. If he didn't, I would still be at that bar getting blackout drunk.
  14. I Didn't Just Come Here To Dance
    This is one of my favorite tracks of this album and it's a goddamn miracle I didn't reference the chorus to either of the buyers, if you know what I mean. (Those of you who like this song too are really going to appreciate that joke)
  15. Favourite Colour
    Green. The color of cash.