Requested by Emily Losey


Here are the details of my Thursday Night "Beer Tasting Bowling League" (inspired by a Twitter convo about Pants between @erikaaa & @emilyannlosey)
  1. Our team name is "Don't You Hate Pants"
    Which is a Homer Simpson quote. Normally, I only want Lebowski references for my bowling team name (previous team name was "Strong Men Also Cry"), but we all had an inside joke when we would chime in "Don't you hate pants" whenever one of us got on a rant about something we hated.
  2. The team is Vince, Rob, and @Clarkisms
    I cropped myself out because I'm a fat sweaty mess in this picture. I get worked up during bowling - mainly from psyche out antics and post ball release body language.
  3. The venue is my favorite Bowling Alley in Chicago: Diversey River Bowl
    Which has hosted multiple Lebowski Fests. Where I have won multiple Trivia Championships!
  4. We pay $25 each a week to bowl. That gets us 3 games and 3 drink tickets.
    Plus a "tasting" of a new craft beer every week. Where my teammates tend to stick with IPAs or Stouts, I stick with one of my favorites: Chicago's own Revolution Brewery (as seen in the movie "Drinking Buddies") Cross of Gold.
  5. Sometimes I drunk tweet when I bowl, which is how @emilyannlosey chose the title of this List. One of these nights the bowling alley played 4 consecutive songs by Hall & Oats, and @Clarkisms rolled SEVEN consecutive strikes!
    And during this I kept yelling "More Hall! More Oats! More Hall!" and so on...
  6. I yell random oddities of encouragement at my teammates
    Such as "call me an Ocean's 11, 12, or 13 plot because LETS GO ROB!" (When Rob is bowling) or "I don't want to be right, so let's try left (at the left handed @Clarkisms) or when Vince was on the opposite lane I kept saying "Hello from the other side" and how happy our team had "someone like you." I also play mind games with our opponents by putting them through 2 hours of non stop torture by pun joke.
  7. My bowling ball is a rolling Simpsons reference too
    The other side has the logo from Barney's Bowl-A-Rama
  8. It's fun. (Here's a video of my bowling and dancing a little) TURN UP THE SOUND FOR MAXIMUM ENTERTAINMENT