This is to thank a few of you. I hadn't tried a joke in public in four months, and felt like I was on the verge of pretty much quitting for good. Tonight I went out and got back on that comedy horse.
  1. The thanks start here. Specially with their podcast. They had a guest on their second episode who was wanting to try stand up but felt a bit lost on where to start. It was a great talk that included the very real fact that *any* excuse can work to keep one away from a mic.
  2. She was the aforementioned guest on @thelistpodcast. I sent her a DM over Twitter to tell her of some Mics I thought were good. Everyone knows how hilarious she is on this app and it's only a matter of *when* not *if* she'll be funny in that arena.
  3. I haven't had much List interaction with her, but I can tell she was a great friend and not only accompanied Sarah at her fist open mic - she went up for the first time herself. And all this happened in the same city where I live. I've felt bad about not being at an open mic before, but this felt different.
  4. I posted an "Open Mic Struggles" List that went unnoticed for a day or so, but she made a quick but sincere comment that didn't make me feel like I was on an island.
  5. @Fitz
    He had a List that I really liked (he didn't, and he's since deleted) that recounted his first open mic set (and its failure). I appreciated the sharing of an experience i know all too well.
  6. He posted a List of his favorite stand up specials of the year. And it just flat out put me in a joking mood.
  7. Just recently realized she was a comic. And anybody that makes me laugh makes me want to make others laugh.
  8. Post script
    The set went awful. I also left an entire chunk unsaid / forgotten. But I was enjoying it in the moment and -frankly- that's what happens when one is rusty. Gotta get out there more often. We will see if it's a turning point
  9. One more person to thank
    Hey, J.J. Abrams: I saw your new movie tonight and it kinda pumped me up to do this too. Got home from the theater and went right out to the nearby bar that I know has a late night open mic.