Third Eye Blind was a big act who released (depending on who you ask) at least three huge hits of the late 1990s. Their song “Jumper” (given recent events) has taken on a whole new context in 2016’s political environment.
  1. To bring you up to speed on what they did at the Republican National Convention.
    And now, in the points below, are the lyrics to “Jumper” by Thrid Eye Blind:
  2. “I wish you would step back from that ledge my friend / You could cut ties with all the lies that you've been living in”
    Simply replace “ledge” with “platform” (and pluralize the Jumper)
  3. “And if you do not want to see me again I would understand, I would understand”
    This song is about suicide. Leaving your life. In this context, I propose the idea of a Trump presidency motivating you to leave the country.
  4. “The angry boy a bit too insane / icing over a secret pain / You know you don't belong”
    Now I’m switching the focus a bit – turning the focus to a specific angry boy who is coated in insanity and none of us can believe is even in this conversation (let alone convention).
  5. “You're the first to fight / You're way too loud / You're the flash of light on a burial shroud / I know that something's wrong"
    Am I on to something here, or what?
  6. “Well everyone I know has got a reason / To say / put the past away”
    We need to “put the past away” the GOP wants a return to it.
  7. *another chrous about us wanting the GOP to step back from their platform and recognize the truth in their actions*
  8. The song’s second verse includes the lines “You've been dismissed / I never thought it would come to this"
    right? RIGHT?
  9. I'm with her.