1. It has 273 rows (as of April 11, 2016).
    It details nearly every sports, music, comedy, and festival I've attended for almost ten years.
  2. It includes 77 people.
    I've gone to a show, or event (something that requires a ticket), with seventy-seven different people! It chronicles friendships that have ended, friendships that just began, women who never loved me, women who I thought I might have loved, family members, and people who at one time was just an @ symbol on Twitter at one time to me.
  3. There is no mention of money.
    It might be a thousand dollars at this point, I don't know. It includes free shows and tickets that cost over $100 (Listing in your direction, fartapalooza). Sometimes, at the end is the year I'll calculate an average - but on another file. This spreadsheet will not be quantified. This spreadsheet is priceless.
  4. I wish it was longer. Wish it started in 1997, not 2007.
    Much effort was spent a couple years ago sifting through dormant blogs and MySpaces to compile years 2007 & 2008. I'm pretty sure I got all the shows from those years. It wasn't until 2009 (the year I made a New Year's Resolution to get out more) that I earnestly kept track. Although those pre-2007 shows certainly aren't forgotten: TOP 20 FAVORITE CONCERTS
  5. There are no high school or college experiences on it.
    Because it only goes back to 2007, it doesn't have the first times I saw Foo Fighters or Ben Folds Five. Nor does it include the multiple times I saw The Roots while in college. But I was a different kind of music fan then. A passive one. Today (last night for example), I am the person who will walk a mile by himself in the rain to see a band for the 4th time. The 25 year old version of me didn't (nor could, in the suburbs) accomplish such a feat of self actualization.
  6. And I have a small section totaling how many times I've been to a venue.
    If you've known me these past 10 years, you know that Lincoln Hall is my favorite venue (for complete rankings CHICAGO MUSIC VENUES RANKED ). I take great pride in where I've been, and where I'm going.
  7. *me at my most nerd*
    There are back tabs with pivot tables. Helping figure out which friend may like which act coming back into our town. If you find yourself on this spreadsheet, you have found yourself in my life. And even if we may never talk years from when I first typed your name, I'm always be thankful we had that experience.