I've created over 50 mixtapes on Spotify and subscribe to at least 50 more. The organizational dork in me has them all filed into folders, but these 8 are in a folder named "favorites."
  1. The Rotation
    We all must have some version of this, right? A new album comes out, someone gives you a recommendation, evaluating if you want to see an upcoming show... throw'it here.
  2. Upcoming
    One of my favorite benefits of Spotify is the ability to check out opening acts before a concert. I'm a big fan of listening to a band's work a ton in the time before I see them.
    My oldest mixtape. It's origin dates back to the first time I downloaded iTunes. All instrumentals / no lyrics here.
  4. Summer Jamz
    If I get the opportunity to plug into a party's soundsystem, I'm deploying these troops into battle.
  5. TipsyQ Soundtrack
    A ton of crossover with Summer Jamz, but contains more "listener unfriendly" tracks from artists such as Crystal Castles and Fuck Buttons. My go-to Friday Afternoon Cubicle dance party mix.
  6. Definitive TQ
    Created to help me rank my favorite artists. For list purposes.
  7. Crusin' for a Smoochin'
  8. Funeral Playlist
    A second generation from an original iTunes playlist named T.O.U.G.H. (TQ's Overtly Ultradepressing Groove of Hurt) that is plainly named for the purpose it may one day serve.