One month from today, on May 28, I will see the first of two My Morning Jacket concerts at Red Rocks. Here is a breakdown of the previous times I've seen them perform. I've seen no other band more.
  1. December 2008: Chicago Theatre
    In relation to most other My Morning Jacket fans, I discovered them pretty late. NPR's All Songs Considered podcast posted their entire 2007 SXSW set, which concluded with "Touch Me I'm Going To Scream Pt. 2" from their yet to be released Evil Urges album. The song instantly captured me - and I've been a fan ever since. The next time they came to Chicago was the first time I saw them. I've seen every tour since.
  2. August 2010: Northerly Island
    This show remains the only time I've been to this venue. It's a pain to get to (Northerly Island), but you can't beat the breeze off Lake Michigan.
  3. June 2011: Riverside Theatre
    Almost all of these shows were attended with my friend Ryan. We met at Marquette and he still lives in Milwaukee. The decision to see MMJ in Milwaukee was a great choice - it was a cheaper ticket and were much closer to the stage. Not to mention, the Milwaukee setlist was miles better than what was played in Chicago. It was my #2 favorite show I've seen of anybody - TOP 20 FAVORITE CONCERTS
  4. August 2012: Millennium Park
    Featuring my #1 favorite picture I've taken at a show. Band of Horses opened and it was magical.
  5. April 2013: Pabst Theatre (Jim James)
    MMJ took a bit of a break while frontman Jim James recorded and toured his debut solo album. The song "A New Life" became my anthem to move to the City that year and I'm forever thankful I saw it performed live. The show sits at #6 on that same previously linked to list - TOP 20 FAVORITE CONCERTS
  6. June 2015: Chicago Theatre
    An odd show. They performed 3 shows at Chicago Theatre, but I only went to the first show (that was a mistake). They usually close every show with "One Big Holiday" - but only played that at the end of the 3rd show because they treated the entire 3 night run as one gigantic setlist.
  7. June 2015: Riverside Theatre
    My mistake was corrected a week later - I went up to Milwaukee to see them again. Much better setlist and as usually the case in Milwaukee: was much closer.
  8. May 2016: Red Rocks
    One month from today I can cross off "See a show at Red Rocks" from my Bucket List. Since nearly everybody tours through Chicago, it would have to be a special band to get me on a plane. My Morning Jacket more than qualifies.
  9. May 2016: Red Rocks
    AND THEY ARE PLAYING TWO SHOWS! Perfect. Might as well see 2 shows at Red Rocks while I'm out there. **bonus story** I met Jim James in his hometown of Louisville in 2014! We were both at Lebowski Fest. He was incredibly nice and I was able to thank him personally.