Requested by jessica


I was requested "My Tinder Anthem Short-List" by @jessknuckey. I changed it because: •TITLES SHOULD BE ALL CAPS •I need to go deeper •Tinder is for monsters
  1. Songkick is a great website that you can load in your favorite bands and it will notify you when their concerts are announced near you. It has a side-site named "TASTEBUDS" that started as a concert matchmaker. Have an extra ticket to a show or don't want to go to a show alone? This was the site for you (and me).
  2. My profile name is/was "All Singles Considered" (isn't this play on words from NPR's "All Songs Considered" podcast adorable). To answer your specifically requested question Jess, I have/had "Young Folks" by Peter Bjorn And John selected as my profile song.
  3. The site eventually evolved to an app (the source of these images). At first it would have you list your favorite, and least favorite, bands in order to see how many you and another had in common. The app has a 16 band limit for your profile, and lists in alphabetical order. For the record, I only listed 3 "turn offs" in my bad band filter. You're welcome to guess which 3.
  4. I loved this site. Nearly all its questions were music based. A few months ago an expert* advised to delete this kind of information. That was stupid advice. [*self-claimed]
  5. Not pictured: WHAT IS YOUR DREAM CONCERT? My response: Daft Punk with Björk.