Inspired by a brief convo with @shanaz & @LeahG in regards to whether or not Spotify Premium is worth it's price. (A companion list to TIPS AND TRICKS FOR THE SPOTIFY N00B )
  1. Did you intend to say that you prefer older music?
    Which is perfectly acceptable. But I wonder if people who ridicule new music understand that old music exists independently of new music. The existence of quality in one era doesn't prove the absence of it in another.
  2. This isn't the 20th Century anymore, it shouldn't affect you.
    Meaning: you don't have to listen to it. Back in the previous century, the radio station dictated what you heard and it left you powerless. You had to grit your ears through Limp Bizkit to get to a Smashing Pumpkins song. Today, there are many places where you type in whoever you want to hear and get it immediately. I've let go of all music hate and am better for it. If I don't like it, I don't listen. I only listen to what I want.
  3. It's there if you want to find it.
    Subtext: you either don't like music as much as you think you do or are too lazy to find it (which also means you don't like music if you don't think it's worth the effort)
  4. Never underestimate the importance of friends that have good taste in music.
    You need better friends. Hello, my name is TQ and let me help you. (This is the only point repeated on both lists. It's also good life advice and the bigger key to success than a thousand DJ Khaled vines). My largest source for finding new music is from friends and there is little I find more joy in than a friend telling me they love something i shared. There will always be someone who knows about music you don't - and that's a good thing. Look me up on Spotify (user: TomQuestion).
  5. There is more good new music now than in any other time in history, and I can mathematically prove it.
    Because of pure quantity. The barriers to creating new music (and getting it heard) have never been lower. Now this also means that there has never been as much awful music too. But similar to my above radio point, there is no logjam in music distribution. Hell, someone can make a List App account, mass request a simple question, and earn a legion of fans that can support a tour. It's everywhere if you want it.
  6. Can you name 3 artists *THAT WERE NOT ON A REALITY COMPETITION SHOW* that released a debut album in the last 12 months?
    This is my response I reserve if I choose to go full on hipster asshole with my reply. Again, you are not a bad person if this is the case - but you're letting a national corporation discover music for you while you passively consume it. It's advertising. And you were sold. It's not the only store in the mall.
  7. You should consider signing up for Spotify.
    All (I know - "most") that older music, it's there. All in one place. Never let any Fifth Direction or Tailor Beebster bother you again. But, ya may want to subscribe to my Best Of playlist that I update throughout the year searching for new music. Let me carry that burden for you.