I will see Broken Social Scene at a @pitchfork music festival preshow on July 14. My hope is that someone from the band (ideally Kevin Drew) joins me for a post concert taco. By the way, I bought 2 tickets (@mlb has first right of refusal on one of them).
  1. Important backstory: Kevin Drew's 2014 solo album Darlings has a song named "Mexican Aftershow Party."
  2. My friend @conoraltier & I found the song fun, but joked at the redundancy of the aftershow / party aspect of its title. (We may have named one of our bar trivia teams after this song)
    We were going to see Kevin Drew in concert and began to invite him to our own Mexican Aftershow Party. In this pic, Conor extended the invite to the opening band.
  3. The show was at my favorite Chicago music venue. (My rankings of music venues: CHICAGO MUSIC VENUES RANKED )
    And we picked a Mexican restaurant that was literally next door!
  4. It's not a good joke. I know this.
    But it became a great inside joke between Conor and I. We kept laughing at the idea of Kevin Drew joining us. I already called dibs on being the one to buy his burrito!
  5. We tweeted a ton. I'm only showing a few of the examples.
    Such as this tweet sent between sets!
  6. Broken Social Scene is my favorite band not named Radiohead. Kevin Drew had recruited a bunch of other BSS members as his backing band. Once I saw who had joined him on stage - I began inviting them too.
    Meanwhile, the concert was amazing. It turned into a mini BSS reunion and half the set was BSS favorites! It was a top ten show for me (the rest of my top shows: TOP 20 FAVORITE CONCERTS )
  7. Did Kevin Drew even play "Mexican Aftershow Party?"
    Did he ever! And he prefaced the song calling us out. Saying that he knew there were a couple people who were incessant about the song and he knows they will be happy to hear it.
  8. We checked into the chosen restaurant, and hoped for company!
    Even people not at the show were tweeting their support! (But this story is not a triumph. He did not join us)
    I'm over ecstatic that I will see Broken Social Scene two days in a row next month!
  10. Conor doesn't agree with my venue choice for the Mexican Aftershow Party.
    He thinks we should go to the nearby Taco Bell - but how can I pass up a place that is literally across the street? Stay tuned music fans.