These songs were loved at first listen (not including songs from musicals) /// also check out: BEST MUSIC MOMENTS IN TELEVISION ✚ by @kaitmaree BEST MUSIC MOMENTS IN TELEVISION
  1. Six Feet Under
    "Breathe Me" by Sia • Colour The Small One on Spotify:
  2. Friday Night Lights
    "First Breath After Coma" by Explosions In The Sky • The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place on Spotify:
  3. Half Nelson
    "Shampoo Suicide" by Broken Social Scene • You Forgot It In People on Spotify:
  4. Heat
    "God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters" by Moby • Everything Is Wrong on Spotify:
  5. Mad Men
    "A Beautiful Mine" by RJD2 • Magnificent City Instrumentals on Spotify:
  6. Sense8
    "Saeglópur" by Sigur Ros • Takk... on Spotify:
  7. Master of None
    "Tryouts for the Human Race" by Sparks • No. 1 in Heaven on Spotify:
  8. Gattaca
    "The Other Side" by Michael Nyman • Film Music 1980 - 2001 on Spotify:
  9. Requiem For A Dream
    "Lux Aeterna" by Clint Mansell • Requiem for a Dream / OST on Spotify:
  10. Pulp Fiction
    "Miserlou" by Dick Dale • Guitar Legend: The Very Best Of Dick Dale on Spotify:
  11. "Michael"
    Van Morrison, "The Bright Side of the Road." Actually... Every song in that movie.
    Suggested by   @saytrumbo
  12. We Used to Be Friends - The Dandy Warhols
    Veronica Mars
    Suggested by   @icupcake
  13. Backwards Walk (Frightened Rabbit) General Specific (Band of Horses) Creature Fear (Bon Iver)
    Chuck. This show had such good music.
    Suggested by   @jb_piper
  14. Until I'm One With You
    Ryan Bingham from FX's The Bridge
    Suggested by   @GinaFT
  15. Magnolia
    "Wise Up" by Aimee Mann • Magnolia Soundtrack on Spotify:
  16. Rick & Morty
    "Look On Down From The Bridge" by Mazzy Star from Among My Swan
    Suggested by   @Clarkisms
  17. Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol; GREY'S ANATOMY
    Suggested by   @DZOTEE
  18. At This Moment, by Billy Vera and the Beaters. Featured on Family Ties.
    Suggested by   @heathernic