1. 2016: Chance The Rapper
    The entire Coloring Book qualifies, but I chose "All Night" for this mix.
  2. 2015: Jamie xx
    Similar to Coloring Book, the entire In Colour album is fantastic. But for SoS, it was an easy pick with "I Know There's Gonna Be (Good Times)."
  3. 2014: Röyksopp & Robyn
    Their concert that summer at Millennium Park was amazing. "Do It Again" may not be many's pick for SoS'14, but this is my list.
  4. 2013: Daft Punk
    I was fortunate enough to be watching SNL *live* when the commercial teasing the beat to "Get Lucky" aired. Never stopped loving this track.
  5. 2012: Kendrick Lamar
    "Swimming Pools (Drank)" is my favorite song of his.
  6. 2011: Foster the People
    Kinda a joke now, but "Pumped Up Kicks" was everywhere that summer and I loved it everywhere.
  7. 2010: Kanye West
    "POWER" exists on a few of my playlists, especially my *Inspirational* mixtape that I listen to before a performance review.
  8. 2009: Phoenix
    Let's not discuss how I sang the wrong lyrics for "1901" for years. (You may still sing it wrong too)
  9. 2008: Cut Copy
    "Lights & Music" was the greatest iTunes free single of the week of ALL TIME.
  10. 2007: Rihanna
    Ten years later and I still make dad quality "Umbrella" jokes.
  11. 2006: Gnarls Barkley
    Shoutout to the stranger who would leave random voicemails to my work number of just that "Crazy" song.
  12. 2005: Missy Elliot
    This is the only cheat of the list. I don't have a memorable track for this year, but wanted to include a track from her. "Lose Control" fits perfectly for this year.
  13. 2004: Franz Ferdiand
    "Take Me Out" isn't a typical SoS, but I played this track in my car so, so, so many times.
  14. 2003: Beyoncé
    The length of this list shows my age, but it's really gonna show my age by confessing that "Crazy in Love" is my fave bey ray.
  15. 2002: Jimmy Eat World
    SHUT IT I KNOW THIS ALBUM DROPPED IN 2001 (How could you not with the 9/11 motivated renaming). But the summer following its release, "The Middle" - the music video more so - was big.
  16. 2001: Kylie Minogue
    The #1 Kylie for yours truly. "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" is an understatement.
  17. 2000: Aaliyah
    This is the horrible gap in the Spotify playlist. "Try Again" isn't on it. This is really sad, I'm guessing (I have no idea) that rights to her music is complicated post death. But, true to the song, I won't quit my attempts to get this song added to the playlist.
  18. 1999: Jennifer Lopez
    Remember how Jennifer Lopez was on her way to becoming the biggest actress in Hollywood? She had an Oscar nomination. Stole every scene away from the biggest male names (e.g. Clooney). And she threw it to the side to try out her passion. "If You Had My Love" was her first single and it was an instant smash hit.
  19. 1999: Brandy (duet with Monica)
    "The Boy Is Mine" was GIGANTIC. I think its record for most weeks at #1 was recently broken by "Blurred Lines." Yeah, it was Blurred Lines Big.
  20. 1998: The Notorious B. I. G.
    Speaking of BIG. "Mo Money Mo Problems" is the kind of track you turn up loud with the car windows down. That's what Songs of the Summer are about for me. Driving in the summer heat with your best tunes as navigation.
  21. 1997: Ginuwine
    I was going to end the list with 1995, when I was 16 and blasting music in the car for the first time. But no song can headline a playlist like "Pony" and this also ends the playlist at a nice even 20 track length. Enjoy. Again, it's on Spotify: