*listed alphabetically* (I just ran out of time, access)
  1. Angie Tribecca
    (For season 2). I watched and enjoyed season 1, which was also in 2016.
  2. Bajillion Dollar Propertie$
  3. Casual
    Need to watch if only able to look @RachelP in the eyes when I eventually meet her. I don't have Hulu.
  4. Catastrophe
    I feel guilty every time Rob Delaney tweets.
  5. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
    I know. I KNOW.
  6. The Crown
    Can you just cool it, Netflix.
  7. Documentary Now!
    Half of the reason I didn't watch is because I placed too many shows above it. The other half is because I learned how horrible Fred Armisen is in real life this year.
  8. The Fall
    Probably will never see this. I need to win the lottery and dedicate the rest of my life to catching up on TV.
  9. Goliath
    There's just too much out there.
  10. Halt And Catch Fire
    I ran out of time. It's all recorded and sitting in my DVR ready for when I get a flu or something.
  11. High Maintenance
    20% chance I'll never watch.
  12. Horace and Pete
    Just put it on HBO already!
  13. Insecure
    Ran out of time. I'll get to it.
  14. The Knick
    This was a goal of 2016 that I couldn't accomplish - not giving up yet.
  15. Luke Cage
    I'm sure it's great, and I'll eventually fold and watch it. 2015 wasted too many hours on Marvel TV that was overhyped and overstuffed.
  16. The Night Manager
    This one I'm most upset about - because when I went to watch it was gone from On Demand.
  17. Rectify
    Really thought this was gonna be the year I'd watch it all (as this was its last year). Still confident I'll get around to it.
  18. Search Party
    Promise: I'll get to it.
  19. Take My Wife
  20. Transparent
    I don't have Amazon Prime, I know I'm a bad person.