With the Master of None "Hot Ticket" episode (story by the late Harris Wittels) in mind, I had wasted my other Father John Misty ticket on the wrong woman.
  1. A woman who I've wished would like me back for 6+ years "had trouble" getting Father John Misty tickets when they went on sale.
    She texted me in a panic. Asked if I could help. It was because the 2,500 seat venue sold out in minutes. A few minutes later a second show was added and I bought a pair of tickets. I instantly felt duped. Have I leaned nothing from the Master of None episode where Dev makes the mistake of taking the wrong woman to - of all artists - a Father John Misty show?
  2. She showed up late. She showed up tired. She pissed me off. This was the show she wanted to see, I had gotten these tickets for her.
    She suggested we leave after the main set. I snapped back "What!? And miss the encore?" Seconds later she said it was amazing and I thought *then why the FUCK did she want to leave!?* FJM prefaced a song in the encore with "this is my favorite love song" before covering NIN's "Closer." It took all my chivalry to not tell my 'friend' that if I listened to her idiocy we would have missed this amazement.
  3. There was a gluttony of affection around me. Men with arms around women. Couples closely dancing.
    And it made me sad. Made me realize that I can never go to another show with this 'friend' and that I deserve more. Friends don't use me to buy tickets, cabs, and beers. She was taking advantage of me - but worse - I was allowing it to happen [again].
  4. It didn't help that I'm not exactly recovered from someone else. Someone else who I know would have enjoyed it more.
    I had been preparing myself all week knowing that a couple specific songs were gonna hit me hard. It still hurt. FJM was cutting open wounds with no medic in sight. (And yeah - i texted the person I wish was there after the show. And it wasn't awful, it was mature. It got my feet back underneath me)
  5. Father John Misty is a seductive performer. Experience at your own risk.
    Many of the couples I saw tonight... They got their honeybears. Me: I got a lesson. A lesson that should've been absorbed last November when I saw Master of None. But I'll move on and remember this night, the last time I let her play me. And the last time I wish I was still with... You know who... It's nobody's fault but my own. The music will play on, and I'll find someone who will want to hear. Until then, I will keep trying.