Inspired by a brief convo with @shanaz & @LeahG in regards to whether or not Spotify Premium is worth it's price. (A companion list to MY RESPONSES TO THE STATEMENT "ALL NEW MUSIC SUCKS / THEY DON'T MAKE GOOD MUSIC ANYMORE" )
  1. 1.
    Never underestimate the importance of friends that have good taste in music.
    You need better friends. Hello, my name is TQ and let me help you. (This is the only point repeated on both lists. It's also good life advice and the bigger key to success than a thousand DJ Khaled vines). My largest source for finding new music is from friends and there is little I find more joy in than a friend telling me they love something i shared. There will always be someone who knows about music you don't - and that's a good thing. Look me up on Spotify (user: TomQuestion).
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    Here's why Premium really pays for itself: set your favorite playlists to offline mode (which will download the songs to your device) and allow you to listen without the need for data or wifi. A must for air travel. (*And the single best tactic to expand your phone's battery*)
  3. 3.
    On the desktop version, you can see what (and how) your friends are listening.
    By the mini icons under the artist, it notes a disc (for album), a note (for a playlist), or a mic (for listening from an artist's page). There is also a "private listening" option you can turn on if you don't want to advertise that your kids love Mickey Mouse music.
  4. 4.
    Don't feel like you have to add all your friends (especially me).
    I have a few friends that made bad choices in life (read: have gone to multiple Dave Matthews Band concerts) and I choose to not follow them on Spotify. I also don't take any offense for people not wanting to know when my "Makeout Mixtape" is playing.
  5. 5.
    Follow other people's playlists, especially music publications that have a similar taste to yours.
    I have a few public playlists, which carries on my appreciation for the loving practice of mixtape production. But the better source are accounts like Pitchfork and NPR that maintain playlists constantly. This is what can keep you in the know for new music. *SPOTIFY MUST* If you are going to a music fest, it most likely has a playlist with all the acts you can see at it - and you can research who you want to see and it will make you enjoy your experience more.
  6. 6.
    Follow your favorite artists and bands too.
    The phrase, "oh, i love her, but I didn't know she had a new song made for a dumb Netflix reboot for a show that wasn't any good in the first place?" won't be said again. Spotify will give you a notification directing you to the new track.
  7. 7.
    Embrace your OCD-like tendencies.
    Over the years, I've followed a large amount of playlists. I've created folders for them all.
  8. 8.
    Use the "Browse" tab if you want to set it and forget it.
    Most people will tell you the "Discover" feature is amazing at crafting a playlist that will simultaneously find new music based on what you listen to while not ignoring your proven GO-TOs.
  9. 9.
    There are tons of party / genre / mood playlists.
    Not really a tip - just wanted to include the single best image in all of Spotify.
  10. 10.
    Own the party.
    If you are at a party and hear the momentum crash due to a godawful audio commercial, it is your *right* and *duty* to offer the service of your Spotify services. Be a hero.