1. 20.
    B boy
    My only regret during my time at Pitchfork Music Festival was missing Anderson Paak. The stage he was scheduled at ran late and I chose to follow the crowd and see Brian Wilson instead. It was a sight to see just how much the very young crowd enjoyed it. (A small regret, because Paak will be back in town soon - that's a rising stock.)
  2. 19.
    When you wear a shirt that's an inside reference to a comedy podcast, you know few will be on board. The man who checked my ID said, "here you go Mr. Nongman" as he put on my wristband. However each time a stranger simply but enthusiastically said "HEYNONGMAN" I smiled.
  3. 18.
    Pony is playing
    A few friends, who understand my appreciation of Ginuwine's iconic hit "Pony," like to tell me when it's playing in a bar they are at. Here is @conoraltier alerting me that I need to hustle to the Saturday night post p4k party.
  4. 17.
    Fest fatigue
    My friend (not on list, but you all should follow on Twitter) was more blown away by FKA Twigs than I. It was an impressive performance, and I have to blame music fatigue (Sunday night was my 4th straight night of live music / FKA Twigs being the final set) for its low ranking. Overall, it was an odd headlining slate. Beach House and Sufjan Stevens were also great, but all were a different tone from what was set up before it.
  5. 16.
    Good bits
    Didn't see their full sets, but heard great music from old favorite Holy Ghost, new favorite Empress Of, and future favorite NAO.
  6. 15.
    Broken but good
    Broken Social Scene is my favorite band not named Radiohead. However, their hour long set was odd. Their new song (which I also heard the night before) isn't the kind of uptempo hit you'll want to hear at an outdoor festival. But they played many favorites like "Fire Eye'd Boy" (which was *not* played the night before). It also sucked that BSS played at the same time as The Range, who I was looking forward to seeing until I realized the time conflict.
  7. 14.
    Shampoo surprise
    I first heard Broken Social Scene when "Shampoo Suicide" was played over a big scene in Half Nelson. I was lucky to hear it once before, but didn't think I'd ever get the chance to again. Amazingly, at Thursday's p4k preshow, Broken Social Scene played my favorite song of theirs. Here it is:
  8. 13.
    Not just a favorite stupid joke that I love continuing ( OUR ATTEMPTS TO INVITE KEVIN DREW TO A MEXICAN AFTERSHOW PARTY ), but it was a nice moment with two friends after the Thursday night show across from Metro at Azteca. We were full of p4k anticipation.
  9. 12.
    Opening with a bang(s)
    I timed my arrival to #p4kfest all 3 days rather well. My first act of the day each had their own great vibe. Car Seat Headrest had reportedly the biggest crowd to start the fest in years / Savages is a force that I can't ever miss / Kamasi Washington was a relaxing jazzy start for the fest's last day.
  10. 11.
    Had to be said
    "Does anybody actually pray?" was just one of the many powerful moments from Miguel's heartfelt plea. I hope Pitchfork releases the video of his perfectly weighted speech.
  11. 10.
    Taco coda
    I lobbied hard for @conoraltier, @aubreyljohnson, and I to get post show tacos at Big Star. Sitting down after a long fest felt absolutely amazing. (It was also a spot i wanted to show native Texan Aubrey - who didn't think Chicago would be able to produce a competent taco)
  12. 9.
    Hot Dog, we have a wiener
    Yeah, about @aubreyljohnson (she's a high flyer - go like her lists). She came to town for the weekend. She asked me if I would be her host and take her around a city she hasn't been to since she was a child. She also requested a hot dog (and those who read my lists know I have deeply held opinions *ON THE SANDWICH*). She loved it.
  13. 8.
    Donuts and go nuts
    Food was a big objective in showing Aubrey Chicago (although you won't find pizza on this list because I had already taken her to my fave spot on a previous visit). We went to Stan's Donuts (my favorite donut) and Trencherman (for a brunch that I've been wanting to have for years, but lack the Brunch Crew to facilitate).
  14. 7.
    Very important #p4kfest
    2016 is the last time I attend #p4kfest as a normal person. Thankfully, my friends were able to smuggle out their free booze to me. It was a great group that made the fest more fun. (And a lifesaver to Aubrey because they spared her from 10 hours of bad puns and repeating herself through my earplugs with no help.)
  15. 6.
    A 5 mile tour
    Like most Chicagoans, I f'ng love Chicago. My awe for the city remains as strong it was when I was a child and love sightseeing. If any of you want to visit Chicago, I'll gladly show you my favorite city. (However, you may not get the 5 mile trek that Aubrey got - at least not until I recover.)
  16. 5.
    Hot dog [sandwich] vol. 2
    Ya think we were only gonna have one hot dog!? Part of the reason the tour was 5 miles long is because we ended up walking to Portillo's for lunch. *Dad joke voice* that's my kind of dog walk!
  17. 4.
    American fucking doll
    Aubrey wanted to rekindle childhood memories at American Girl Place (this is not a stop on TQ's Chicago Tours). I learned many [interesting] facts about the historical accuracy of American Girl Dolls. I also saw Aubrey's displeasure at the result of the Mattel purchase (she set the record for the amount of times the word "fuck" has been uttered at an American Girl Place).
  18. 3.
    Poultry has its perks
    In addition to her hot dog request, Aubrey wanted to see Chicago from a skyscraper (she specifically requested the Sears Tower, but I had a better plan). Thanks to a food convention in town for the weekend, I was able to attend an after party / happy hour at the Signature Room (located on the 95th floor of the Hancock tower).
  19. 2.
    Birthday sex
    Jeremih celebrated his birthday on Sunday and we were all invited to the party. Almost all of my friends think it was the best set of the fest. It was amazing - from Chance The Rapper joining on stage and playing "No Problem" to his Mom coming on stage to dance. It was a great moment, even if we were all realizing that she was backstage during the very apt performance of "Birthday Sex." Here's that song:
  20. 1.
    She didn't just come here to dance.
    If you don't believe me, ask the guy I saw wearing the "Carly Slay Jepsen" tank. I'm not the only one who appreciates the gold quality Emotions album as the entire fest was dancing and singing along. I was expecting a lot and got a metric ton (metric because, you know, she's Canadian)!