Theory: if one owns a waterbed, one instantly becomes a "waterbed person" and accepts other water-centric items into one's life.
    Who the hell has these in 2016? Do they still exist?
  2. Houseboat
    More motion.
  3. Jetski
    Necessity for houseboat life.
  4. Mullet
    The waterfall of hairstyles.
  5. Aquasocks
    The footwear that croc aficionados won't be caught dead wearing.
  6. Water massage machine
    Get it with all the money you saved on the houseboat!
  7. Foot bath
    For the dreamers - or who just can't dive into waterlife 100% yet. Fuck the Four20 and dunk yourself in the H2oh!
  8. This thing
    Suggested by   @theranman
  9. Eating only seafood
    Suggested by   @daisy
  10. Inflatable Backyard Pool
    Suggested by   @mjprovine