1. I'm scared to be me.
    I cannot wrap my mind around the unapologetic and aggressive hatred that Trump supporters express. Yes, I grew up in a blue state bubble, but I thought the days of people pulling at the corners of their eyes and sing-songing "Ching Chong" were behind me like elementary school in the 80s. I was born in Michigan. I know as much about U.S. History as the next person. I said the pledge of allegiance and paid all my taxes. How am I less of an American? Or a person?
  2. I'm scared to travel the country.
    I'll be boarding a flight to Ohio next week for @ohsteph 's bachelorette weekend and she told me she hopes Ohio will be nice to me. She's gutted. And I'm sorry that I'm worried about being harassed (or worse) the whole time. @em and her friends were physically attacked by white Trump supporters at a bar in NYC this weekend. In NYC, which overwhelmingly voted for Hillary! No place feels safe.
  3. I'm scared for my patients.
    How can people not be allowed to make decisions when it comes to their own bodies? How is being a woman less valuable than being a man? Tell me! When I took the modern Hippocratic Oath, I swore to champion all patients. Beneficence, Non-maleficence, Autonomy. This extends to women seeking reproductive rights outside of the Bay Area, outside of California, outside of the United States. I am so scared for you.
  4. I'm scared for good, kind people.
    People who don't look like Trump's America and will suffer for it.
  5. But I'm also angry, determined, and hopeful.
    And will remain so for the next four years or however long it takes.