Because work can be grueling and hard, it's nice to capture the humorous moments!
  1. When my clogs matched the surgical instrument
    My Dansko clogs looked like an oil slick and the scrub tech pointed out that these fancy biopsy forceps did, too!
  2. This book I came across on the post-surgical unit
    Someone brought this in as a joke, right? 😬 Right?? 😧
  3. This patient's Chief Complaint on my clinic schedule
    😐 This is "fun" with a big dollop of sarcasm. Turns out she didn't actually have anything crawling around there. Whew! but I still tossed the white coat I was wearing and double scrubbed my hands after the visit.
  4. The best free lunch I could scrounge up as a resident
    From the Ambulatory Surgery Center. It's not even Diet Coke, boooo! But I do love cheddar cheese, so thanks.
  5. When I wore mismatching shoes to work
    I am that person. That person who literally got dressed in the dark because the sun was not up when I was getting ready for work.
  6. Last day of residency as chief on OB
    The only time you'll see me smiling while on the phone with a nurse while putting in orders while getting hammer paged.
  7. This stuffed toy ovary @ohsteph got me
  8. Seeing my name on the OR surgery schedule board for the first time as an attending!
    Is this real life?? The scrub tech and I are friends and she wrote the board that day, hence the ❤️
  9. This surprise picture I had waiting for me when I returned to my office
    My co-worker and I have a ginormo crush on Michael Fassbender. She taped this to my computer screen while I was giving a patient information about HPV. This is why we are friends!
  10. This cute baby
    My former chief's baby who was tolerating my hugs during a quick visit. He's like, "OMG, stahhhp."