Can it be?? More Arrested Development episodes are in the works! @ohsteph In honor of this exciting news, here is my list of favorite AD episodes as requested long ago by @em
  1. Pilot
    This is one of the best pilots ever. AD was strong right out the gates!
  2. Top Banana
    The Banana Stand, the dead dove in the freezer, George Michael as Mr. Manager, Lindsay and Tobias's TV commercial fail, and of course... "There's always money in the banana stand!!"
  3. The One Where They Build a House
    Where we get to meet Ann (Her?), "Get rid of the Seaward", Tom Jane, Buster gets enlisted into the Army (where they touched his Charlie Browns), GOB making it rain...pennies!
  4. Amigos
    Private Detective Gene Parmesan, Tobias is blue, GOB's chicken dance, "Annyong," Ann-hog is coming to Mexico, Lucille's many expressions, foreshadowing of Buster losing is hand
  5. Good Grief
    Ann breaks up with George Michael and he does the defeated Charlie Brown walk, nobody knows what they're saying when they learn George Sr. is dead, "You mean you can wear stripper clothes when you're not stripping?"
  6. Motherboy XXX
    Lucille and Buster's matching costumes, Buster's reminders of losing his hand, lessons from the one armed man, "Do you know where I can get those gold necklaces with a T on it?", Burger King, George Sr. coaches Tobias on how to be a man, Amy Poehler!!!
  7. The Cabin Show
    Bluth stock gets upgraded to Don't Buy, Lucille has gone off her postpartum meds, how will Lucille get anyone to go into "that musky old claptrap?" (I can't believe AD got away with this joke), GOB tries to make Michael taste his emotions, Lindsay and the Volvo that is "too boxy" (just watch. I literally cannot believe they got away with this joke!), S.A.D. and the weird statue of that kid who found the severed hand, Tobias works at the Swallows
  8. For British Eyes Only
    Bob Loblaw, George senior's surrogate, Tobias's frightening business cards, Tobias's frightening hair plugs, Wee Britain and its one American themed restaurant, why Michael doesn't want his family to meet the women he dates, GOB's forget-me-nows, GOB admits he's Steve Holt's dad