...from my music library. Sometimes you need music, but want to be left alone with your thoughts. I'm always looking for more songs. What are your favorites?
  1. Tel Aviv - Duran Duran
    I know-- it's not fully instrumental, but this was the first song I encountered from a favorite band that didn't have any decipherable words I could sing.
  2. May December - Mos Def
    I played this on repeat while studying at Caffe Strada in college.
  3. Oscillate Wildly - The Smiths
    When I feel life is being ridiculous, I play this song.
  4. North - Phoenix
    The best song for driving back through the Santa Cruz Mountains, tan and tired.
  5. Star Guitar - Chemical Brothers
    Awesome video! Another mostly instrumental song. I play this when I have to take the BART or some other train.
  6. Aruarian Dance - Nujabes
    This song makes me feel content. Like I accept all the highs and lows of life and am cruising along to whatever comes next.
  7. Voyager - Daft Punk
  8. Never Dream - PDP
  9. Misirlou - The Surf Coasters
  10. Eruption - Van Halen - side one, track two. Best played at 11 http://youtu.be/sI7XiJgt0vY
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    Suggested by @eastcoastjones
  11. Please welcome The Who performing Sparks at Woodstock
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    Suggested by @eastcoastjones
  12. Surf Rider from The Lively Ones - you might remember it from Pulp Fiction
    Suggested by @eastcoastjones