Can't remember to take the pill or should not be taking the pill? Don't want to worry about who is "sponge-worthy?" These are the best options. Obviously, talk to your doctor first!
  1. Mirena IUD
    Small T-shaped device containing levonorgestrel progestin inserted in the uterus. Makes your periods lighter and sometimes go away completely while its in place. Great if you have heavy or painful periods. Lasts for 5 years.
  2. Paragard IUD
    Copper hormone-free IUD. Great if you are sensitive to hormones or you need to see a period every month for peace of mind. Lasts for 10 years while in place. Also works as emergency contraception! May make your periods slightly heavier.
  3. Nexplanon
    Match stick length device inserted just under the skin of the inside of your upper arm. Contains etonogestrel progesterone. Lasts 3 years. In my experience, popular among women in the military and women who don't want a device in the uterus.