As of October 1st in California and January 1st in Oregon, women will be able to purchase hormonal contraceptives directly from their pharmacist without needing a doctor's prescription. Yay!! It's been ACOG's stance for a while that birth control pills should even be over the counter. Here's why this is great...
  1. Less unintended pregnancies
    Always a good thing!
  2. More convenient
    I know getting an appointment with your doctor and then getting time off to go to your doctor's office can be a hassle. Your pharmacist is smart and caring, too! Women in California and Oregon will get a health screening and blood pressure check by the pharmacist to make sure it's safe for them to take hormonal contraception.
  3. Lets women know we think they can be smart and responsible enough to take medication correctly
    Tylenol, aspirin, and Benadryl can really hurt people with certain medical conditions or when taken incorrectly. Yet they are still over the counter! If you can follow directions and heed the warnings, you can take the pill. I would only ask that women get annual exams by their doctor for blood pressure checks and screening for conditions in which they should not be taking hormones. And don't smoke!
  4. Less frantic moments of trying to get a birth control refill at the last minute before going out of town
    I get at least 2 of these calls a month.
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