1. Socks
    What used to be boring is now so cool. I want fun socks with snarky cartoons or serious compression socks so I don't get varicose veins standing for four hours in surgery! Give me practical low profile socks for the gym or totally impractical knee high knit socks with bows that I would only wear to bed with a boyfriend. Love them all!!
  2. Wine
    I like wine, but I most likely can't tell the difference between a $15 and a $30+ bottle. Any and all suggestions are appreciated. 🍷
  3. Kitchen gadgets
    Now that I have my very own kitchen, cooking is super fun. But I'll never buy those ingenious gadgets at Sur la Table for myself.
  4. Skin care stuff
    Serums, masks, toners, exfoliaters, etc. There are so many products, I don't even know where to begin! No, I won't be offended. In your 30s its all about maintaining. 🌟
  5. House plants
    Growing fetus? I got this. Growing an orchid? Um... Please replenish the non succulent side of my green window!
  6. Dinner and a movie
    Date night with a good friend? 💯