I've seen mentions of "having a brand" a few times now on List App and I have so many questions!!
  1. Was I supposed to have one when I joined List App?
    Maybe it's because I'm not on Twitter and only joined Instagram last year at @em 's insistence, but I didn't realize I should have had a brand or online persona in mind. Now I feel so behind!!
  2. What *is* a brand?
    A representation of a certain view point? Or an example of a certain lifestyle? As an average person and not a clothing line, a magazine or a lifestyle blogger, why have a brand? I imagine it distinguishes someone from the masses. But won't I feel boxed in after a while? Or *maybe* I'd really enjoy being the authority on XYZ!
  3. What would my brand be, anyway?
    I literally DK.
  4. Are my lists just too all over the place, then?
    OB/GYN, music, TV, food, stuff from the 90s, etc. I kind of write them as I feel them. And I feel a lot of different things! But will I be just another case of Jack of all trades and Master of none?
  5. Would I get more followers if I built my brand?
    Maybe? But would I only get a specific kind of follower? I like all different kinds of followers! Just as I like to follow all kinds of listers.
  6. I don't even know what Hogwarts house I'd be in! How can I build a brand?? 😩
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    My residents were gleefully sorting each other and some of us attendings into different Hogwarts houses the last time I was on call. I honestly didn't know where I'd go! They put me in Hufflepuff with the other "chill people." It didn't feel totally right, but I don't mind being considered chill. Interestingly, I took an online quiz yesterday that put me in "Slytherpuff," a hybrid Hogwarts house! 🐍
  7. Anyway, I admire those of you who have already found your brand! One my 2016 resolutions will be to find mine. 🔭🔬