(All were made in Vietnamese) She then wanders off to watch her Korean Soap Operas on Hulu.
  1. "They make Asians look stupid." [Fresh off the Boat]
    Note: she's only seen the pilot. Ironically, I think this is something the show character, Jessica Huang, would say.
  2. "You're too old to watch cartoons." [South Park]
  3. "This is why you're getting fat. Stop watching this." [Diners, Drive ins, and Dives]
  4. "Are you watching the two funny African-American guys?" [Key & Peele]
  5. "I love Alexander!" [Master Chef Junior, Season 1]
  6. "He's so silly. Why do you like him?" [Conan]
  7. "This show is so funny!" [Friends, reruns]
  8. "Why do you watch such scary things?" [Buffy the Vampire Slayer]
  9. "Why are her necklaces so big?" [Younger]
  10. "This show again?" [How I Met Your Mother]