[List Inspiration: An interview with Emma Seppala, author of "The Happiness Track"] Somewhere along the way, I've gotten harder on myself and much less forgiving. It sucks. Seppala recommends treating yourself like you would a friend. Such a simple idea! It really did turn my attitude around instantaneously. Here's to a new year of self💗
  1. "It's okay. You gave it your best and you'll do better next time."
    Instead of: "God, you're such a fucking idiot!" See? I'm really mean.
  2. "You deserve better. You didn't do anything wrong."
    Instead of: "It's probably your fault. What did you do??" I can be pretty quick to blame myself even when it was the other person who behaved abominably.
  3. "You have so much potential!"
    Instead of: "You're terrible at this." I'm the worst self cheerleader.
  4. "You have people who love and appreciate you."
    Instead of: "Ugh, nobody likes you." Whenever I fleetingly wish I was more popular. Also, exaggerate much?
  5. You can be happy and kind to yourself and still succeed! I hope all the students and parents in the Silicon Valley read this because putting higher fences and infrared cameras around the Caltrain tracks is not the answer. Be nice to yourself, people! 💗