Let's exchange numbers and hang out!
  1. Travel
    I love hearing about where people have been, what they did, and yummy food they had. I want to go to there 😍
  2. Arrested Development
    Forever and ever
  3. Work or hobbies people are passionate about
    It can be so inspiring. How did you get into it? What are you doing next? Tell me everything!!
  4. Good TV shows that were cancelled too soon
    Firefly, Happy Endings, Pushing Daisies, Trophy Wife, Better Off Ted, Surviving Jack. Addendum: Perfect Couples
  5. Good books
    Recommendations, please!
  6. UC Berkeley, Georgetown, University of Michigan
    I love reminiscing about my time in college and med school. Do people still call the Durant Square food court "Crap/Crack Court"? What does M street look like now that the bars and stores I used to go to are gone? Although I never got a degree from U of M, it still holds a special place in my heart because my parents went there. I apparently sat in on my mom's pharmacy school classes when I was a toddler.