Because Halloween is coming!
  1. Lullaby - The Cure This video is the worst case of sleep paralysis!
  2. Dollhouse - Melanie Martinez One of my favorite artists from The Voice.
  3. The Killing Moon - Echo and The Bunnymen
  4. Waking the Witch - Kate Bush Never make the mistake I did of falling asleep to this song 😳
  5. Help Me - Timo Maas ft. Kelis
  6. Stay - Shakespeare's Sister
  7. Goodnight Moon - Shivaree Creepy, beautiful imagery
  8. Beatrix - Cocteau Twins My roommate in college asked me to stop playing this because it was too weird. 😬
  9. Ghost town - The Specials What is this sound that comes after "too much fighting on the dance floor"?? Eek!
  10. Sour Times - Portishead I get chills just from the opening.
  11. Liar - Rollins Band One of the worst fears of a single girl is the guy from this song. 🚫
  12. Ponderosa - Tricky Pretty sure this is best appreciated after smoking a joint