Hello, prime time!
  1. Merlin, Once Upon A Time
    Elliot Knight 😍 That smile and that accent (swoon)
  2. Ryan Booth, Quantico
    Jake McLaughlin 😍 Those eyes, though!
  3. Chanel Oberlin, Scream Queens
    Emma Roberts 👏👏👏 So deliciously bitchy! Who would win in a bitch off between her and Lucille Bluth?
  4. Petra Solano, Jane the Virgin
    Yael Grobglas 💁I love her expressive eyes and her use of dressy shorts!
  5. Margaery, Game of Thrones
    Gorgeous and mischievous. Loves her brother. Resourceful. Can wear the hell out of any dress.
    Suggested by   @cordeliane