This list is for @ohsteph to cheer her up. (PS - I don't know where we found the time to study.) Take a trip down memory M street with me. Alas, some of these places have since closed.
  1. The Tombs
  2. Dan's Cafe
    The most divey of dive bars. Ugh, why is everything so sticky??!
  3. Eighteenth Street Lounge
    Good live bossa nova whenever we went there. Surprisingly classy looking inside despite the hidden entrance next to a mattress store.
  4. Sequoia
    Waterfront bar with view of the Potomac
  5. Third Edition
    Close to Georgetown and not the Tombs.
  6. Local 16
    Rooftop bar!
  7. Millie & Al's
    When the big light bulb turns on it's $1 Jell-O shot time.
  8. Lucky Bar
    Sticky pub/bar my guy friends liked
  9. Rhino
    Sticky pub/bar my guy friends liked
  10. Mr. Smith's
    Piano bar!
  11. McFadden's
    #1 on an online list of douchiest bars
  12. Rumors
    #2 on the list of douchiest bars
  13. Smith Point
    3rd douchiest. You had to be on a list to get in. I can't remember how my friends and I, all Democrats, got in...
  14. Brickskeller
    Huge beer selection
  15. Modern
    I just remember getting the secret passcode from my friend-- usually a line from a rap song.
  16. Café Saint-Ex
  17. Front Page
  18. Sign of the Whale
    Sticky pub/bar my guy friends liked
  19. The Big Hunt
    Sticky pub/bar my guy friends liked
  20. Capitol Lounge
  21. The Pour House
    To watch a University of Michigan basketball game.
  22. Science Club
  23. Brass Monkey
  24. Coyote Ugly
    I did not choose this place! Our class organized the outing after exams.
  25. Town Hall
  26. Buffalo Billiards
  27. The Reef
    Fish tanks
  28. Mad Hatter
  29. Public Bar
  30. The Town Tavern
  31. Clyde's
  32. J. Paul's
  33. Garrett's
  34. Guards
  35. The Deck
  36. K Street Lounge
  37. The Brixton
  39. Mie N Yu
  40. Dragonfly
  41. Spaghetti Garden