There are so many TV ads for prescription drugs these days! Even my mom, who's a pharmacist, shakes her head every time one comes on. Recently, I've seen more cartoon characters in the ads. Some are cute and some are creepy AF. @daniel did I miss any?
  1. Zoloft (for depression)
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    The sad, deflated little circle/ball/stone thingy at the beginning of the commercial makes me want to pick it up and give it a hug. After it gets Zoloft it's so cute and bouncy! Pretty simple 🌟
  2. Myrbetriq (for overactive bladder)
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    I have to hand it to the advertisers, this CGI bladder is super cute. The way it holds the lady's hand and tugs her to the bathroom like a little kid is endearing. The drug name sucks, though.
  3. Abilify (for depression)
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    The little helpful Abilify pill is cute enough.
  4. Jublia (for toenail fungus)
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    Remember this from Super Bowl? So weird to have it be active when it's literally connected to a massive foot and four other toes. Where does it think it's going??
  5. Mucinex (for congestion and mucus)
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    Gross! I dislike this one very much. It actually makes me change the channel.
  6. Abilify (again)
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    Ok, this cartoon creature is supposed to represent depression and it's so very creepy! It's a black blob that follows her around and lies down on the ground to become a pit she falls into. In this scene, it's chasing her in the form of a bathrobe that wants her to go back to bed and continue being depressed. I get the symbolism, but that's the stuff of nightmares.