I recently saw a bunch of fanny packs on concert goers and @em told me she wants to buy a pair of khakis. What's happening?? Overalls, small floral print dresses, and Birkenstocks have already been revived. What's left to bring back? I'd really like to see if we can make the following mainstream again...
  1. Baggy jeans
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  2. Chain wallets
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  3. Bolo ties
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  4. Big hair
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  5. Baby tees
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  6. Metallic green or brown lipstick
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  7. Kangol hats
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  8. Bowling shirts
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  9. Z Cavaricci high waisted tapered ankle pleated pants
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  10. Red/purple/blue tinted rectangular sunglasses
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  11. Cargo pants
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  12. Butterfly hair clips
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  13. Whatever this hair style is called
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  14. Chinese flats
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    I actually find these very cute. Hmmm...where did I pack them?...
  15. Vests
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    Chandler is a gold mine for this list!