1. "Residency is interfering with my whoring."
    In response to why there was significantly less action in residency compared to med school. There's just no time.
  2. "I got amniotic fluid in my bra."
    That's what happens when you break the bag of water on a contraction. Amniotic fluid tidal wave. This poor intern had to change scrubs 3 times in one 24 hour call shift.
  3. "There's no real risk, except for the risk of being boring."
    The chief's response to the intern asking if there's any risk to delaying augmentation of labor another 2 hours per patient request.
  4. "Let's quit and go work at the Crate and Barrel."
    Keeping normal hours in a brightly lit store seemed so wonderful. We'd look at it longingly every time we'd drive by the one near the hospital.
  5. "I know I only saw his eyes and his forearms, and I've been up for 20 hours, but he was hot!"
    Referring to the general surgeon who scrubbed in mid-case for a consult. This is what happens when you work in a field of mostly women. Residency goggles.
  6. "I fell asleep mid sentence while writing in the chart."
    The sentence ended with something about a green dress before trailing off into drunken squiggles. It was pretty hilarious