I grew up eating Maggi seasoning. I love its savory and salty goodness! Unlike other condiments from my childhood, like Sriracha and Nutella, Maggi has not blown up yet. People are missing out!
  1. White rice
    I ate this so much in college when I was low on cash.
  2. Garlic buttered noodles
    One of the best comfort foods made even better!
  3. Corn, avocado, tomato, mozzarella, and sweet onion salad
    One day I decided to dress it with Maggi and olive oil. Yum!
  4. Chicken wonton soup
    Chicken broth, Trader Joe's chicken cilantro mini wontons, sliced baby bella mushrooms, bok choy, Maggi, and black pepper. My favorite lazy dinner!
  5. Sticky rice
    I know, still rice, but when you eat a ton of rice it feels like a different ball game. My mom used to roll the sticky rice into "snake" shapes for me to dip into the Maggi 😊
  6. Scrambled eggs
    Just a couple shakes over the eggs in the pan
  7. Sriracha
    Maggi + Sriracha = Yummy dipping sauce for chicken or crispy fried tofu
  8. I love you MAGGI ❤️
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