Why did you leave us so soon, Happy Endings?? I have all the seasons on DVD, but am still excited they're back on Hulu! (@RachelP ) Since I could never make a rank list of the characters, this is what I give you...
  1. Jane
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    For helping you get your shit together, winning a competition, bargaining with a car salesman, putting together a spectacular brunch
  2. Penny
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    For really enjoying a girls night out, not judging you for making stupid decisions when it comes to guys, discovering a new form of exercise
  3. Max
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    For being lazy and pigging out, doing all the silly things no one else wants to do with you, forming a Madonna tribute group, feeling more mature and put together by comparison, to be your "Gayfety, Gay Safety" at a wedding
  4. Brad
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    For going to Rom-Com movies and conventions, spa days, making up new words for things (ie chicksand)
  5. Alex
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    For when you want to have ribs or second waffles without judgement, don't want to be the dumbest person in the group (I do think she's adorable, though), need a last minute outfit to meet a hipster for a date
  6. Dave
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    For laughing at all his ridiculous clothing choices, getting excited about ridiculous business ideas, having a Whore's Bath after enjoying his steak sandwich
  7. Relationship goals
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  8. Forever
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  9. And ever
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