We had a Code Gray the other day and I had to look it up. Now you know, too! 💫
  1. Code Blue
    Adult medical emergency or Cardiac arrest
  2. Code Gray or Silver
    Combative person with no weapon (Gray). Combative person with weapon (Silver)
  3. Code Pink
    Infant abduction
  4. Code Purple
    Child abduction
  5. Code White
    Pediatric medical emergency
  6. Code Green
    Missing high risk patient
  7. Code Yellow
    Bomb threat
  8. Code Zebra
    Bioterrorism alert
  9. Code Orange
    Hazardous materials spill
  10. Code Red
  11. Code Brown
    Someone pooped their pants
  12. Other hospital announcements that stress me out
    Rapid Response called to a floor where I have patients, Incoming Trauma in 5 minutes (especially sad when it's Pediatric), NICU team being unexpectedly called to a delivery, the creepy weird guy instructing us to take a deep breath and reflect at 6:30 in the morning (meant to be relaxing, but gives me the willies).